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  • Bronolab W II Liquid Preservative

    Bronolab W II Liquid Preservative

    Bronolab W-II is a liquid preservative solution containing 18% Bronopol.

  • Wine Scan

    Wine Scan

    All-in-one wine analysis

  • BactoScan


    An uncompromising approach to milk analysis

  • BactoScan FC+

    BactoScan FC+

    Bacteria analysis in raw milk - BactoScan™ FC+

  • CombiFoss™ 7

    CombiFoss™ 7

    CombiFoss™ 7 provides raw milk testing for 19 parameters in 6 seconds,...

  • Dumatec™ 8000

    Dumatec™ 8000

    Dumatec™ 8000 gives busy laboratories reliable Dumas results in just three...

  • ProFoss™ Dairy

    ProFoss™ Dairy

    ProFoss™ is an in-line dairy analyser for monitoring the dairy production...

  • MilkoStream™ FT

    MilkoStream™ FT

    MilkoStream™ is the world's first true in-line milk standardisation...

  • Fossomatic FC

    Fossomatic FC

    Fossomatic™ FC performs accurate milk analysis using somatic cell counting...

  • Milkoscan FT1

    Milkoscan FT1

    MilkoScan™ Mars is highly cost effective, allowing you to measure up to...

  • MilkoScan™ Mars

    MilkoScan™ Mars

    MilkoScan™ Mars is a highly cost effective milk tester, allowing you to me...

  • Milkoscan Minor

    Milkoscan Minor

    MilkoScan™ Minor allows smaller producers to get fast and accurate milk te...

  • Food Scan Dairy

    Food Scan Dairy

    FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser is a fast, accurate and easy to use instrument fo...

  • DairyScan™


    Cheese analyser for fast and accurate fat and moisture testing.

  • NIRS™ DS2500 Dairy Powder Analyser

    NIRS™ DS2500 Dairy Powder Analyser

    Ideal for routine production control and monitoring of final product quality.

  • Lab Master- AW

    Lab Master- AW

    New developed and high-quality laboratory device for the high precision determin...

  • Lab Swift-AW

    Lab Swift-AW

    Portable precision measuring device for the determination of the water activity...

  • MS1 Set AW

    MS1 Set AW

    Precision portable measruing device for the determination of the aw-value of all...

  • Autopol I, II, III

    Autopol I, II, III

    The AUTOPOL III Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph's entry level Dual Waveleng...

  • Autopol IV

    Autopol IV

    The AUTOPOL IV is a microprocessor based automatic polarimeter that is available...

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