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  • S9


    Dissolved Oxygen Technology

  • Easy KFV Titrator

    Easy KFV Titrator

    Water Determination Made Easy This versatile titrator is suitable for a range...

  • Easy pH Titrator

    Easy pH Titrator

    for Acid / Base Titrations The Easy pH Titrator simplifies and speeds up auto...

  • Easy Pro Titrator

    Easy Pro Titrator

    All in one titrator This versatile titrator is suitable for a range of determin...

  • Easy Cl Titrator

    Easy Cl Titrator

    The Precipitation Titrator The Easy Cl Titrator speeds up simple, automated pre...

  • Easy Ox Titrator

    Easy Ox Titrator

    The Redox Titrator The EasyOx Titrator speeds up and simplifies automated red...

  • DDM 2910/2911

    DDM 2910/2911

    The DDM 2911 and DDM 2910 Density Meters have the features to meet the needs of...

  • J57HA


    The Rudolph J57HA refractometer was designed to meet the unique needs of food qu...

  • J157


    The Rudolph J157 combines features and accuracy that meet the most demanding app...

  • J257


    The J257 is a Digital, Bench-top Refractometer, featuring electronic cooling and...

  • J357


    Designed as a research quality instrument the Rudolph J357 Digital, Bench-top Re...

  • J457


    Smart Measure™ Technology Improves Results!

  • Glocount LS Liquid Solution

    Glocount LS Liquid Solution

    Glocount™ LS Liquid Solution is a concentrated liquid form of Ethidium Bro...

  • 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

    4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

    Advanced® Model 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope for Added Water Determination i...

  • 4C3 Multi-Sample Cryoscope

    4C3 Multi-Sample Cryoscope

    Advanced Instruments Cryoscope, Model 4C3, Multi-Sample, for Added Water Determi...

  • CryoLine Cryoscope Supplies

    CryoLine Cryoscope Supplies

    The Advanced Instruments CryoLine standards and laboratory supplies are designed...

  • Fluorophos ALP Test System

    Fluorophos ALP Test System

    Advanced Instruments Fluorophos® ALP Test System, for Determination of Paste...

  • PhosphaCheck Pasteurization Controls

    PhosphaCheck Pasteurization Controls

    The Advanced Instruments PhosphaCheck® Pasteurization Controls are specifica...

  • Fiastar


    The FIAstar™ 5000 System is used for automatic wet chemical analysis

  • Broad Spectrum Microtabs II

    Broad Spectrum Microtabs II

    Broad Spectrum Microtabs II (BSM) is a tablet preservative containing a combinat...

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